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NEW iPollo V1 3,600MH/s
Crypto Algorithm /coin - (ETH/ETC) Ethash/ETH
Hashrate(MH/s) 3600 Hashrate
Weight - 19kg
RAM size - 6G
Noise level - 75db
Power - 3100W
Voltage - 220V
Interface - Ethernet
Release date - Jun 2022

iPollo V1 Classic 1.55Gh/s In stock $3,999 USD
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Available IN STOCK -V SERIES - B SERIES - G SERIES IPOLLO V1 CLASSIC ETC MINER (1550MH) ,iPollo V1 Mini , iPollo V1 Mini Classic Plus , iPollo V1 Mini Classic WiFi Version , iPollo G1 .
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Bitmain Antminer E9 2400Mh Eth Etc miner with Psu Dohodou

ProdámBitmain Antminer E9 2400Mh...

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The Antminer E9 (2.4Gh) from Bitmain mines on both the ETHash and ETCHash algorithm with hashrate of 2.4Gh/s . power consumption of 1920W, Power Supply : Included . STOCK NEW BITMAIN ANTMINER E9...